Ladies and gents, your Puck Daddy Create-a-Card winners

Seriously, you've outdone yourselves this time. The depth of humor, depravity and sheer innovation in the Puck Daddy Create-a-Card Contest will be on full display when we post the Flickr gallery on Monday (check out the Puck Headlines for a link). But let it be known that the level of genius in this contest really knocked us on our collective rump. For that, we thank you.

There can be only three prizes handed out, courtesy of our promotional partners at Dave and Adam's Card World, whom we thank heartily for their help in this. Leahy and Wyshynski and Grey Goose have finally decided who these winners are.

Before we get to them, a shoutout to a couple of true MVPs in this contest: Mazarin, who had the Roman "Hammer lick" and the "Slit" Malarchuk cards among others; and Dave Cicirelli, who created several great cards including this never-before-published goof on the New York Rangers' recent number retirement obsession.

Mazarin, alas, is an honorable mention, but Cicirelli did take home a prize. Who are the other lucky winners?

In case you missed them, here are Gallery One and Gallery Two and Gallery Three and Gallery Four and Gallery Five. As we said, Flickr gallery on Monday.

Third Prize: Adam Jones

We received a ton of Sidney Crosby cards, but we really liked where Adam took this joke, which was straight to the commissioner's silly "I wouldn't want to have to explain to my 12-year-old daughter what he said" comments about Sean Avery. It's a good 'Shop, it goes outside the sports card realm and it's pretty damn funny.

Congrats Adam Jones, winner of a box of 2007/08 ITG O Canada Hockey, courtesy of Dave and Adam's Card World.

Second Prize: Burt L, a.k.a. Rob from Burlington, ON

As unbelievably grotesque as this was, it was a game-changer. Because you can't un-see something like this. One of the first entries to incorporate the "swatch" of commemorative something-or-other into the card. If our years of watching "Top Chef" have taught us anything, it's that everything is better with bacon.

Congrats to Burt L, a.k.a. Rob from Burlington, ON, winner of a box of 2008/09 Fleer Ultra Hockey from Dave and Adam's Card World.

OK, so here it is ...

... seriously, are you ready for the winner?

On movie blogs, this is what's known as spoiler space.

You know, for spoilers. Like Bruce Willis is really a ghost. OK, enough ... here we go.

First Prize: Dave Cicirelli

Go ahead, disagree. We're sure there will be Puck Buddies in the comments that wanted something more disgusting or scandalous or juvenile. But honestly, when this came in it became the benchmark. Like we said at the time: This was less a card set than a Zucker Brothers-esque layering of joke on top of joke on top of joke. From "Complete Mess" to "Cutting Onions" (the card on the top right) to the free tissue ... this was pretty much Create-a-Card perfection. 

The full-size Complete Mess Set is here.

So congrats to Dave Cicirelli, winner of a box of new 2008/09 Upper Deck SPx Hockey from Dave and Adam's Card World.

Thanks to all for a great contest. And how do we know it's a great contest? Because one week after it ended, this came rolling into our inbox from reader Michael K. Seriously, you people are addicted:

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