Page Six talks Avery, Lundqvist; Sens' Fisher dating Underwood?

What would coverage of the New York Rangers be like without the New York Post? If you answered "better," well ... OK, maybe that's a valid point. If you answered "a hell of a lot less entertaining," they we're in near-total agreement.

The Post's gossipy Page Six had two Rangers news items recently. The first was about goalie Henrik Lundqvist, who was named in Page Six Magazine as one of its Top 25 Best Dressed in 2008, thanks to his preference for Dior and Hugo Boss. But Henrik's most revealing answer was about taking off his designer duds:

Asked if he would pose shirtless, a la David Beckham, Lundqvist was coy at first, telling the magazine, "I don't have a problem showing my body, but I have more respect for my girlfriend (fellow Swede, Therese Andersson) than to do that."

Lundqvist then reconsidered, in the event a Beckham-esque price tag were involved. "[if I was offered $5 million] yeah, we could start talking," he said. "Absolutely."

That sound you just heard was five boroughs-worth of puck bunnies taking up a collection.

The cover of the Page Six Magazine read "So Long, Sean Avery: New York Rangers Goalie Henrik Lundqvist is the World's Sexiest Ice Man." Ah, if only Page Six could quit the former Dallas Stars forward that easily. Today's edition discussed the latest on Avery's love and party lives:

The former New York Ranger showed up at Bungalow 8 New Year's Eve on the arm of - his brother. A spy at the club said that Avery and his girlfriend of several months, Kelly Klein, have split - "They're no longer together." Avery was dumped by the Dallas Stars last month after he made a nasty comment about his ex, Elisha Cuthbert. He tried to make up for lost time at Bungalow 8, flirting with women and hanging with former teammates Scott Gomez, Chris Drury, Nigel Dawes and Marcus Nasland.

A newly single Sean Avery, fresh from League-mandated anger management, and with millions of guaranteed money to burn and plenty of time on his hands? Daddies, hide your daughters.

One young lass that could be off the market: Carrie Underwood, who appears to be in some sort of relationship with the Ottawa Senators' Mike Fisher (H/T Kukla). And one can only assume things are going quite well because Fisher has just three goals in 33 games. (Ask Dion "Minus-11" Phaneuf about the deleterious effects of celebrity couple bliss.)

That said ... good on you, Mr. Fisher, for bringing another good-looking blonde into the NHL dating pool. Other players would love to be in your skates; heck, we bet Sean Avery wouldn't mind one day getting your ... well, you know.

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