Pass or Fail: Blackhawks fan believes Detroit sucks infinitely

From Puck Daddy reader Scott comes this image of a Chicago Blackhawks sweater that's either an indication of this fan's disdain for the Detroit Red Wings or his stance on the U.S. automakers bailout:

Another jersey that is just bad. Taken at Goose Island by Wrigley during the Winter Classic. Note the sideways 8 to let everyone know that Detroit Sucks Infinitely.

As we've stated before on the record: The "sucks" jersey is a waste of a good home-team sweater as well as "the admission of deep, psychological scarring on the part of your conference rivals and eternal tormentors."

That said ... in a world of No. 69 McLovin jerseys, the infinity symbol on the back of the sweater is actually pretty darn clever.

While it doesn't necessarily outweigh the egregious fashion faux pas of the overall jersey foul, a witty and creative mocking of a rival team on a sweater does lessen the blow. It's the subtle difference between a "Flyers Suck" jersey and a "Nineteen" No. 75 jersey.

So we put it to you, dear readers:

Pass or Fail: The Detroit sucks infinitely Chicago Blackhawks jersey?

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