Puckhead Holiday Wish List: Two-foot Stanley Cup replica

To help celebrate this season of ravenous craving and financial splurging, Puck Daddy presents its list of quirky luxury items for the hockey fan that has everything. Any suggestions? E-mail us, please.

What: 2-foot replica of the Stanley Cup
Price: $274.99 (from the NHL online store)

We all played in some sort of unorganized street hockey league with our friends growing up. Not having enough bottles and cans to redeem to afford an actual trophy, we did the best we could to honor our "league" champions. 

I used a small garbage can (which I proudly lifted above my head twice in my career). I've known of others who used large dinner plates, replicating what the All England Tennis Club uses as its grand prize for the female champion of Wimbledon.

The National Hockey League came up with its own solution to unorganized and organized hockey leagues seeking a killer trophy by creating this replica Stanley Cup, which also includes the necessary items for proper presentation: carrying crate, NHL table cover and, of course, the white gloves to prevent fingerprints before handing it off to the team's captain. It's quickly become one of the NHL's online store's best-selling items.

The rec league I play in awarded my team league-branded hats, t-shirts, and added our team name to one of the champion banners hung up throughout the arena. While immortalizing our title on a banner is pretty cool, parading a replica Stanley Cup around the rink -- and then taking it back to the locker room for some post-championship drinking from the Cup -- would make any fanboy giddy.

The price is pretty steep but, if you're in any sort of hockey league, the trophy is blank so the engraving of league champions can occur.

Each player could spend their own day with the Cup, too ... as long as Kris Draper and his daughter aren't around.

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