The weekend is a perfect time to create fake hockey cards

Just a reminder that the Puck Daddy Create-A-Card contest is running on all cylinders, as we've gotten well over three dozen great entries already.

As evident from the cards featured above from readers Mazarin (left) and Jacob, you guys really get what we're going for here -- an expert parody blend of puckhead culture (spoofing the Philadelphia Flyers' Scott Hartnell tossing the glove) and sports card tradition (the Bettman-as-Billy Ripken card that we, unfortunately, had to tone down for the blog).

Keep sending your orginal creations to throughout the weekend and until the deadline on Friday, Feb. 13 at noon EDT. Check the original post for the rules and prizes. We'll post the first gallery of entries on Monday. They will not be for the squeamish.

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