Twista: Nimble rapper and celebrity puckhead

What we know about Twista: Rapper. Once held the title of fastest MC in the world, according to Guinness World Records circa 1992 (thanks, Wikipedia). Fond of the Dr. Heathcliff 'Cliff' Huxtable sweater. And now, evidently, newly minted NHL fan.

In an interview with, Twista talks about writing sports video game reviews, including one for "NHL 2K9" that he wrote while facing off against Dustin Byfuglien. From SixShot: Well you know Madden is the hood classic, but what's good with the NHL game review?

Twista:  Aw man that was cool, I didn't even know much about hockey until then. I got into it really just to review the game, but I definitely have a little more appreciation for the game of how it's played and everything. That's definitely a sport I really didn't pay a lot of attention too. Once I reviewed the game I started to pay a little more attention to it a little bit. I'm going to show my face at a few Chicago Blackhawk games this year and show support for the home team. Everybody shows love to the basketball and football teams, but nobody really reps hard for them. Now I can come out and go to the game to really rep for them. Well they are the Chicago Blackhawks, so it's no problem showing love to the hometown.

Twista: You got to go out there and rep for them, especially when they be getting their fight on. I know they hard with it so they will be able to tolerate this hard music with that, ya dig.

Uh, sure. Well, welcome to the celebrity puckhead nation, new friend. We're sure you already know Lil' Jon and Snoop Dogg. Please hold the door for Incubus bassist and New Jersey Devils fan Ben Kenney, please.

In other news, a bandwagon Blackhawks fan. Go figure.

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