Unholy marriage of Flames, Lady Gaga will make you hate Calgary

Lady Gaga is the pop tart who has replaced Katy Perry as radio's favorite new disposable songstress. She embraces the Warholian aesthetic of celebrity, while making the kind of catchy but immediately forgettable dance tunes that used to populate the playlists of every pop station in the country during the early 1990s. She's La Bouche with a better publicist.

That's all well and good. Not so good: Using her current hit "Poker Face" as the basis for a hockey-inspired tribute to the Calgary Flames.

As the postseason nears, radio stations around North America will begin creating these mind-numbing rally anthems for playoff teams, full of audio samples and treacherous rhyming schemes. (And, hopefully, some amazing fan-created ones like the classic Zetterberg hip-hop slow jam. Snipe snipe!)

Energy 101.5's Freeway Frank and Ian MacKinnon are out of the gate with this steaming turd, which manages the impossible: Making fans loathe Jarome Iginla through association with this audio nightmare.

"Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Flames-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa ... Fail."

Oh, and not to try and bring hockey reality into this mess, but we'll believe that Miikka Kiprusoff Game 1 shutout when we see it.

Out of curiosity: What was the worst playoff song on the radio for your team of choice? Or does radio generally ignore hockey when it comes to fleeting novelty songs in your city?

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