Vancouver paper asks for Cup parade route; hockey gods tremble

If there's one thing you don't want to do, it's anger the hockey gods. They are a fickle bunch that will lay their hands down and smote thee who dare disrupt the time-honored traditions of The Game.

The Vancouver Province is currently skating on thin ice with said hockey gods.

Yesterday, the morning after the Canucks swept the St. Louis Blues to become the first team to advance to the second round, the Province's hockey blog, The White Towel, asked fans to begin sending them the best Stanley Cup parade route.

Keep in mind, this is a franchise that's advanced past the first-round only three out of the past 13 seasons. I understand there's some excitement in British Columbia, but really? Confidence much?

Fans are encouraged to use Google maps to create their parade route and the most creative ones will be shown on The White Towel's page and the paper will "give them a print nod in Province Sports." Worth pissing off those hockey gods 'Nuck fans?

New York Rangers fans, not impressed with some Vancouver writers jumping the gun on a Cup parade, created their own route:

Jumping the gun about winning isn't all that unusual in hockey of late. Please recall early Eastern Conference Champions gear for the Pittsburgh Penguins and Stanley Cup Champions Detroit Red Wings merch before their series even ended. Not to mention goofing and releasing the Hart Trophy winner on a T-shirt.

In regards to the Penguins and Red Wings gear, both of those situations worked out and no egg was placed on faces; but if the Canucks don't end up winning the Stanley Cup in June, you can be sure Vancouver fans will blame The White Towel for bringing the jinx.

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