Video: James vanRiemsdyk goes to the ole trick bag in OT

With the NHL announcing it's plans for All-Star Weekend, one of the "highlights" (if you want to go that far) was the trick shot competition where Alexander Ovechkin was the only player to, you know, pull some trickery and have fun with the event.

If the League is looking for one of its contestants, then someone should get Philadelphia Flyers prospect James vanRiemsdyk on the phone.

During the fifth place game at the World Junior Championships on Sunday, Team USA beat the Czech Republic 4-3 in overtime, thanks to vanRiemsdyk's nifty goal.

I would imagine that since it was a consolation game in the tournament and not a medal game, USA coach Ron Rolston wasn't pulling vanRiemsdyk aside to tell him to calm down the hot-dogging.

Despite another disappointing finish in the tournament for Team USA, and a tough loss to Team Canada during round robin play, vanRiemsdyk gave the Americans at least one memory to take away.

H/T to the immortal YouTuber DayWalk3r

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