Video: Making a glow-in-the-dark Stanley Cup out of playing cards

PJ had two rolls of silver tape, 16 decks of playing cards, these wonderful glow-in-the-dark plastic clips called Octorods (more about those below) and some time on his hands. So he did what any of us would do, which is to create an actual-size Stanley Cup replica. Color us mesmerized.

PJ, in his own words from the YouTube page:

"Remember when you were a kid, like I do trying to build the bigist (sp) a best house of cards, only to have it tumble down after someone opend (sp) the door or a window, or if someone sneezed lol, well with Octorod your house will not fall down."

Indeed. If you haven't heard of Octorods, it's because they were, like, just invented.

The father/son team of Paul and Tanner Collin created these little plastic pieces to hold together everything from playing cards to photographs in order to create complex structures. Or the Stanley Cup.

What we're seeing here is the next evolution of fan-made Stanley Cups. No, not the playing cards; the fact that the little plastic doohickeys actually glow in the dark. Which means the Stanley Cup will, in turn, glow in the dark.

It's no longer enough to wrap some of mom's cookware in aluminum foil. Come next spring, we simply must have Stanley Cup illumination technology. It's the Blu-Ray to tinfoil Cup's VHS. Make it so.

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