Video: Top 10 ‘goalies gone wild' moments in hockey history

If we have neglected it previously, we'd like to now formally thank Martin Gerber and Tuukka Rask for going bat-poop crazy on the referees recently; because without their efforts, the following must-see video clip may not exist.

In honor of the Toronto Maple Leafs goalie's three-game suspension for bumping a referee (video), and for Rask's epic milk-crate tossing meltdown that actually made the cut, SportsCentre on TSN counted down the top 10 moments featuring goalies losing their minds. How crazy are we talking? Not to put too fine a point on it, but Patrick Roy and Ray Emery are 50 percent of this video. Enjoy:

A few thoughts:

• From a sheer entertainment value standpoint, we'd obviously love to see Ray Emery back in the NHL next season. But did that diva moment near the tunnel, which certainly made the rounds on the Web and on television, submarine his chances for next season? For what it's worth, his KHL coach was pleased with his play and several NHL teams could be interested, according to TFP.

• Neil Little, the dude that flew in from the top turnbuckle on Emery in that ridiculous AHL clip, is a member of the Philadelphia Phantoms Hall of Fame and serves as a coach/global scout in the Philadelphia Flyers organization. "Now, son, when you stage dive on another player, make sure to keep your skates down ..."

• Finally, this was Saint Patrick's reaction to Hasek of the Detroit Red Wings skating down the ice at him before meekly stumbling over a stick on the ice for a Shockmaster-level downer: "I was a bit surprised," then-Colorado Avalanche goalie Roy told the AP in 2002. "Was it out of line? I think it was. He was probably trying to prove something. I don't know what it was."

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