Video: Unofficial Flyers playoff anthem will blow your ears, mind

The Stanley Cup playoffs are, for whatever reason, a geyser of musical inspiration for puckheads. Please recall last postseason's Montreal Canadiens hip-hop anthem "Go/Go Go Go/Go Habs Go/Go", and the instant-classic Henrik Zetterberg slow jam that forever married the term "snipe, snipe" to the Detroit Red Wings star.

We've already had the audio nightmare that was the Lady Gaga/Calgary Flames song this season. Today, Puck Buddy Tatum Biggs points us to a Philadelphia Flyers unofficial 2009 playoff anthem that will soon dominate the iTunes charts. From artist Richie Rosati, here's "Broadstreet Bullies - Flyers Play Off Song":

Wow ... that thing had so much awesome and so much FAIL, it should be an honorary "Matrix" sequel. You can download it for free here.

The Good: Who doesn't love a funk groove with horns? The backing track sounds like it's straight from a 1980s James Brown song; or a 1980s WWF album. And the freestylin' rap breaks obviously give this thing hardcore street cred, sounding like a combination of Mike Shinoda and Funky Bunch-era "c'mon, c'mon ... you feel it baby?" Mark Wahlberg.

The Opposite of Good: Did anyone else detect a subtle echo effect applied to the vocals? While the "robot roll call" at the 2:20 mark was inspired, points deducted for failing to concoct an effective rhyming scheme. We definitely heard "Knuble" paired with "Lupul," so kudos there. But "Giroux" doesn't rhyme with "go." It rhymes with "goo."

And while it appears to have been made prior to the Flyers drawing the Pittsburgh Penguins in the playoffs ... a Philadelphia sports anthem that doesn't make a passing reference to the Phillies' World Series, Donovan McNabb or how New York sucks? For shame.

Overall, we have to say that this is definitely a playoff song about the Flyers.

Oh, sorry; make that the "Fly-ers-ers-ers-ers-ers-ers-ers-ers-ers-ers-ers ..."

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