Videos: Godard finally solves Orr; Crosby's spinning backhand

Eric Godard of the Pittsburgh Penguins has thrown down with many fellow pugilists in the NHL, but that pesky Colton Orr of the New York Rangers, for whatever reason, just owned him for the last few seasons going all the way back to their AHL days. Take their Jan. 5 fight from this season: Orr had more punches than a Hollywood Hogan match while Godard had a wardrobe malfunction.

The tide finally turned last night, three seconds (!) into the teams' game in Pittsburgh. Godard finally landed some early punches, and then one that buckled Orr's knees.

In the spirit of equal time, this is the sort of staged bout that causes many fans to contemplate stricter penalties for fighting in the NHL. Then again, it's the kind of fighting rivalry that causes many fans to tune in to see the next round, while also undoubtedly setting the tone for the game. We eagerly await the Wrath of Orr.

Meanwhile, this late third period goal by Sidney Crosby -- which made the final score 6-2 for the Penguins, moving them back into a points-tie for the eighth seed -- has gotten some attention this morning:

While there's no denying the skill and accuracy in pulling off the shot, this really shouldn't make the goal-of-the-year highlight reel when you consider it came at 18:20 of the third, with a three-goal lead and against a goalie in Henrik Lundqvist who probably realized that he had allowed more goals in the last 72 hours (12) than Scott Gomez has scored this season (10). Plus, like Ross said this morning: Beating Lundqvist up top isn't exactly a contender for a new skills competition event.

But it looked pretty, Sid, which at least may be enough to impress a few Russian peers.

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