QB Shirreffs Looking Good in Spring Practice

There is no depth chart for spring practices, but QB Bryant Shirreffs sounds like he's performing well.


If we're talking about UConn football then, invariably, we're talking about the quarterback. Specifically: who will it been when the 2015 season rolls around because the Huskies haven't gotten consistency from the position since they played in the Fiesta Bowl and Zach Fraser was under center.

That was five years ago.

Second-year coach Bob Diaco will have four players competing for the job -- the more competition the better -- but until the games actually start, it will be tough to gauge if he's finally found someone to lead this team. The candidates: junior Tim Boyle, NC State transfer Bryant Shirreffs, true freshman Tyler Davis and Garrett Anderson, a junior college transfer who will join the team this summer.

And while there is no depth chart for spring practices, according to SNY.com's John Silver, Shirreffs sounds like he's performing well.

“Bryant is a weapon in that he can move and throw on the move,” Diaco said. “He has another gear there and he knows it. It is natural for him to bang it in there. He’s fast.”

But Diaco isn't willing to say much more than that.

“At end of the week we will have that more clear, truer hierarchy, Diaco said. “We added some more situations. We are through critical downs and critical percentage downs. We are getting some good work towards the end of the week ... end of this week we could delineate a hierarchy, not a starter.”

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