Report: DeAndre Daniels Headed to Europe

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Months after DeAndre Daniels played some of the best basketball of his college career and helped lead the Huskies to a national title, the small forward was drafted in the second round by the NBA's Toronto Raptors. Last month, we mentioned that Daniels could be headed overseas to play in 2014-15 and now, after the Raptors signed center Lucas Nogueira, Daniels' immediate professional fate could indeed be in Europe.

Details via NBC Sports' Dan Feldman:

Because Nogueira signed within three years of being drafted, he’ll receive a rookie-scale contract for the No. 16 pick in 2014 (the year he’s signed, not drafted).

He gives Toronto 15 players, not including No. 37 pick DeAndre Daniels. The Raptors have until Sept. 6 to offer Daniels a required tender -- a contract, guaranteed or unguaranteed, worth at least the league minimum -- or he becomes a free agent.

Often, in these situations, a team volunteers to use its connections to secure the player an overseas contract. In exchange, the player agrees to decline the required tender, allowing the team to keep his rights.

There has never been any question about Daniels' athleticism or potential, but he struggled with consistency for much of his college career. But a good showing in Europe this season could mean a place on the Raptors roster in 2015 -- or sooner.

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