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Report: Deshaun Watson Attends Browns Training Camp Amid News of Six-game Suspension

Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson was seen at training camp Monday with teammates after reportedly receiving a six-game suspension for violating the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy

Deshaun Watson
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Deshaun Watson reportedly is at the Cleveland Browns training camp on Monday morning, hours after reports that he will be suspended six games for violating the Personal Conduct Policy. 

Despite the suspension, Watson is eligible to participate in training camp and play in preseason games under the collective bargaining agreement. Once the season begins, he is not allowed in team facilities or to participate in limited activities until Week 4, the second half of his suspension.

The suspension is far from settled. Both the NFLPA and Watson announced Sunday night that they would not appeal the decision, but the league is yet to comment on their move going forward. The NFL has three days to appeal, unless a longer timeline is agreed upon with the union. 

The NFL originally sought an “indefinite suspension, lasting at least a year.” Under the newest CBA, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell no longer retains the ability to directly hand out punishment, but he -- or a designee of his choice -- still oversees the appeal process. 

Should the NFL decide to appeal, it’ll last up to five business days and a final verdict could come within the week. 

The Browns preseason kicks off Aug. 12 against the Jaguars. 

Goodell and the league’s moves over the next couple days will likely be closely scrutinized. The decision of whether or not to appeal, not only has implications for Watson, the Browns and the entire league this season, but could serve as a litmus test to the league’s willingness to weight in on sexual allegations.

The NFL has a spotty track record on past matters of sexual assault and harassment. Players like Calvin Ridley face a year-long suspension for reportedly betting $1,500 on various games throughout the league.  

Watson made his debut with the Browns at training camp earlier this week. His presence in Cleveland remains divisive, with some fans expressing disappointment at the franchise for signing him to the largest-guaranteed contract in NFL history amidst these allegations. Meanwhile, others have welcomed him with open arms.

The full slate of games Watson’s suspension applies to is:

  • Week 1: Cleveland Browns at the Carolina Panthers
  • Week 2: Cleveland Browns vs. New York Jets
  • Week 3: Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Week 4: Cleveland Browns at the Atlanta Falcons
  • Week 5: Cleveland Browns vs. Los Angeles Chargers 
  • Week 6: Cleveland Browns vs. New England Patriots

Watson will be eligible to return to the lineup in the Browns’ Week 7 road trip against the Baltimore Ravens.

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