Hartford Whalers

Retro Hartford Whalers Jerseys to Return for 2021 NHL Season

Hartford Whalers
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The Hartford Whalers are not coming back, but their uniform jersey is and it will go on sale on Dec. 1.

Adidas is rolling back the calendar with Reverse Retro alternate jerseys for all 31 NHL teams and the Carolina Hurricanes will wear one that looks similar to the Hartford Whalers home white jersey worn during their 1979 inaugural NHL season.

However, gray is the primary color to bring together the Whalers and Hurricanes color schemes. The jersey also has the vintage whale shoulder patch.

The teams will wear the jerseys during several games during the upcoming season.

The Carolina Pro Shop has lots of Hartford Whalers merchandise.

The Carolina Hurricanes are also using the Hartford Whalers look on social media.  

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