Staples High School Sailing Hits the Water, Virtually

Staples High School Sailing
AJ Sorensen

The Staples High School sailing team is taking things virtual.

Unable to race on the water since COVID-19 concerns have shut down schools and postponed the spring sports season, Staples sailing coach AJ Sorensen had the idea to keep up the competition with an app on their phones.

So far Staples has raced against the Greenwich sailing team. It’s not quite the same as being on the water.

“When you're controlling a boat with three fingers it's certainly not the same as when your full body is being used to maneuverer a boat,” said team co-captain Emerson Anvari.

But the important part is that it’s a chance to be back working together as a team.

“it’s a pretty small team so we’re really close knit and it’s just really great to talk to people,” said co-captain Nora Dockter.

“When Nora and I come back in years we can look back on this and know that we had a senior sailing season,” said Anvari.

Sorensen said it’s not only a chance to keep these athletes competing against their normal opponents, but that they’ll now be able to race against teams from different parts of the country.

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