Tokyo Olympics

Fans and Local Soccer Players Looking Forward to Tokyo Olympics

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The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are officially underway and people in Connecticut are excited to watch some of their favorite sports.

“My husband and I watch gymnastics and we like the swimming,” said Meg Roy from Terryville.

“I like to see the surfing this year, that’s going to be a cool one to watch,” said Linda Toczko from New Britain.

“The women’s soccer and women’s basketball. I used to coach soccer and basketball, so we like that. Our kids played it,” said Bill Toczko from New Britain.

Whether they played the sport, their kids do, or they are just fans, it is making many Connecticut residents want to tune in.

“All the athletes compete like that at such a high level. You know they put in all that hard work to get there, so it’s just fun to watch,” said Bill Toczko.

The First Lady sat with French President Emmanuel Macron in the stands on Saturday and talked to the team afterwards.

“Simone Biles is just phenomenal,” Linda Toczko said.

“What they’ve accomplished and overcome has been tremendous to watch,” said Roy.

Young players are also thrilled to see their sport of choice on the international stage.

“There’s something to look forward to. I know not every sport is in the Olympics because I play lacrosse too and that’s not even in the Olympics,” said Sydney Bronk-Zdunowski, a soccer player from Berlin.

Bronk-Zdunowski is taking part in the Farmington Sports Arena (FSA) Elite Summer Academy, an elite summer academy for travel and premier players.

As the 2020 Tokyo Olympics kicked off on Friday, Japan unveiled an opening ceremony unlike any games before. From a moment of silence for the victims of the coronavirus pandemic to unique callouts to Japanese culture, here are the top 10 moments from the Olympics opening ceremony.

Sal Ditomasso, who has played soccer since before he could talk, coaches the players and helps them hone their skills, with the goal of having them progress and maybe one day play on Team USA too.

“The sport is growing, it’s getting traction, we have loads of young players, they can name players on the national team and it’s awesome seeing them having those aspirations to go on and play for their country,” said Ditomasso, a club administrator at FSA.

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