Tokyo Olympics

New London Olympian Returns From Tokyo to Joyous Homecoming at the Airport

NBC Connecticut

It was a very joyous homecoming at Bradley International Airport overnight as India Pagan, of New London, came down the escalator. She was returning home after playing basketball in Tokyo at the Olympics.

Her parents and sister, along with other family members and friends were there to greet her with signs, balloons and hugs.

Pagan's parents said they are so proud of her.

“It was a dream come true, a dream that we didn’t’ know if it was going to ever happen. I thank Puerto Rico and the coaching staff for believing in her talents," said Moises Pagan, India's father.

Over the past week, Pagan's family invited NBC Connecticut into their home where memorabilia hangs on the wall as they watched her play in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Pagan played on the Puerto Rican women's basketball team. It's the first time the team ever made it to the Olympics. The team came in fourth place.

“It was unbelievable. It was memories for a lifetime. I can’t believe I call myself an Olympian. It’s still surreal. I was still getting teary eyed on the plane. So it still hasn’t set in that it’s over," Pagan said.

Prior to going to the Olympics, Pagan grew up in New London. She played basketball on the recreation league, at New London High School and now she plays college basketball for Stony Brook University on Long Island.

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