Tom Brady Tears Up

Pats QB gets emotional about draft day 2000.

Tom Brady Cries

Most of the time, when Patriots fans think of Tom Brady, they think of the star QB, calmly surveying the field and finding Wes Welker over the middle or Bristol-native Aaron Hernandez along in the back of the end-zone. 

Brady has become what most people think of when they think of the modern quarterback. He even has a supermodel wife, and oh so lovely hair. He's also, it turns out, is not afraid to show a little emotion and shed a tear or two.

In a new ESPN video, Tom Terrific is giving people a much deeper glimpse into his persona. 

You can watch the video here.

In the clip, Brady talks about draft day 11 years ago, when he fell all the way to the 6th round before being chosen by the Pats with the 199th overall pick. 

Brady and his father describe the feeling of seeing player after player get drafted and round after round go by. And then, something strange happens. 

Tom Brady breaks down. When he talks about the moment when he got the phone call from New England, Brady couldn't hold back his emotions.

It's a somewhat surprising moment to see a player so unflappable on the field struggle to hold it together when talking about the prospect of life without football. 

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