UConn Men's Schedule Coming Together

The UConn men's basketball schedule for 2013-14 hasn't been officially released, but every few days we seem to learn a little more about it.

Here's the latest, via the Hartford Courant's Dom Amore:

* Two non-conference opponents, Boston College (17-13 last season) and the University of Detroit (20-13), will come to Gampel in November as part of the early rounds of the 2K Classic.

* Whatever happens there, the Huskies will play Boston College on Nov. 21 in Madison Square Garden, followed by either Indiana or Washington on Nov. 22.

Other out-of-conference games: Maryland on Nov. 8 (in Brooklyn); Yale at home on Nov. 11; Florida at home on Dec. 2; Stanford at Gampel on Dec. 18; and Eastern Washington at home on Dec. 28.

Amore writes that UConn will also host Harvard at some point before the AAC schedule begins, and adds, "I am told it is not yet certain that UConn will go to Seattle to complete its home-and-home agreement this season. It is probable, because there’s a desire to complete the series, but UConn higher-ups are not crazy about possibly playing Washington, or any non-conference opponent, twice. That could happen if UConn and Washington meet up in the 2K."

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