Dear Obama: We Lose, We Sing; We Win, You Speak

The UConn Men winning the NCAA Final Four, or President Obama as UConn’s commencement speaker? What are the chances either one will happen?

University of Connecticut President Michael Hogan has issued a challenge to President Obama – put your money where your mouth is.
Hogan was so bummed that Obama picked Memphis to beat out UConn in the Final Four that he wrote him a letter.
In it, he said he was “keenly disappointed – shocked, even – that you and members of your Sports Advisory Task Force” didn’t pick UConn, “in the face of all evidence to the contrary.”
“I have to doubt your judgment in this matter,” Hogan said.
But Hogan also said that if Obama is right, he’ll pay.
“I’ll bring the famous University of Connecticut Conn Men (an a cappella group) to the White House to sing for you the Memphis Fight Song, as well as their rendition of 'Hail to the Chief.'
If Hogan is right, he wants Obama to be UConn’s commencement speaker and accept an honorary degree from the University in May of 2010.
“Trusting that you will accept this challenge in good faith and in a spirit of true sportsmanship and good will, I send you my highest regards and best wishes,” Hogan said.
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