UConn QB Battle Begins in Earnest

Casey Cochran 1200

The biggest issue facing Bob Diaco as he begins his first training camp is who will be the team's starting quarterback. Casey Cochran led the team to three straight wins -- their only wins, in fact -- down the stretch, but Timmy Boyle got some much-needed experience during a handful of midseason starts, and veteran Chandler Whitmer was the team's primary starter in 2012.

Not surprisingly, all three are in the mix for snaps with the first team, Diaco said from AAC Media Day Tuesday but there won't be a decision on who will start until two weeks or so before the season opener.

Whomever ends up under center this much is certain: Interceptions are a non-starter, both literally and figuratively.

"I'll hand it to the back 55 times, seriously, then we'll have a chance," Diaco said. "If you turn the ball over you have no chance."

And like his predecessor, Paul Pasqualoni, it sounds like more than one quarterback will see action.

"We're going to have a starting quarterback, but we're going to have more than one quarterback playing the games," he said.

As for what the quarterbacks can expect in the coming weeks, Diaco gave a glimpse of the preparation process back in May.

"We try to put our quarterbacks in high-stress situations during practice and being sure we evaluate their decision-making process," he said at the time. "When challenges arise, we want our quarterback to be accountable, responsible and protective of teammates and not looking for an excuse."

While we sort out the QB depth chart this much is certain: senior wideout Geremy Davis will be the primary target for whomever's throwing passes for the Huskies.

“He may not run the very fastest time, but he doesn’t use that for separation or ability to get open,” Diaco said. “He has unique traits, he reminds me of Michael Floyd, Larry Fitzgerald of Pitt, not at that level, but that body. He’s hard to cover.

“He’s more physical than the defensive backs who will try to cover him and faster than the linebackers. He catches everything in his catch radius.”

Fun officially starts Saturday when training camp opens.

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