UConn to Face Notre Dame at Fenway Park?

We can honestly say we didn't see this coming: according to the Boston Globe, not only are the Red Sox looking to host a college football game at Fenway Park (81 suddenly mediocre baseball games isn't enough, apparently), they'd like to feature Notre Dame and UConn in a matchup that would take place in 2014.

More details via the Globe:

Talks are in the early stages, according to sources involved in the discussions. But UConn officials feel the idea has merit and Notre Dame may be willing to shift a home game to Boston.

Red Sox executives said in March that they were looking for a high-profile game to play at Fenway Park. The Huskies and Fighting Irish would fit their blueprint on several levels.

We understand the New England ties as part of UConn's appeal but it is with some irony that Notre Dame -- the latest team to get their ACC invite in the mail -- would be the opponent.

The Globe reports that there hasn't been a football game at Fenway since the Patriots beat the Bengals 33-14 in 1968. Out of curiosity, we dug up the box score from that game. It took place on December 1 and the Pats led 26-0 at the half thanks to a safety, two Tom Sherman touchdown passes and a Jim Nance touchdown run. Worth noting: Gino Cappaelletti had one of those TD receptions and he also served as the Pats' field goal kicker (he was 1 for 2 on the day and 4 for 4 on extra-point attempts).

And now, some 45 years later, football could return to Lansdowne Street.

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