UConn Women’s Basketball Team Meets Obama, Again

During their summer vacation, the UConn women’s basketball team met President Barack Obama.

The team made the trip to the White House on Wednesday, where the president congratulated the women for becoming the 2013 NCAA Champions.

“As the father of two young, beautiful, athletic and tall daughters, it just always puts a smile on my face whenever I see such class acts represent their country and their school so well," President Obama said.

Obama made a special mention of Coach Geno Auriemma for the record-tying eighth national championship.

“I see this guy too much,” Obama said. “Keep in mind, a lot of presidents don’t even get eight years in the White House. He's spent more time than some presidents at the White House, and he’s not term-limited, so he can just keep on going.”

Auriemma’s mother also made the trip, and Obama made a special mention of her.

“She’s gorgeous and that’s where you got a good head of hair,” Obama said.  

For some of the team, it was not their visit.

“I have to say to the Huskies, ‘I’ve missed you guys.’ It’s been, what a couple years?” Obama said.

Some members of the team met with the president in 2009 and again in 2010.

“Back then, they were part of a 90-game winning streak,” Obama said of the 2010 season. “Most years, for most teams being a champ isn’t about dominating the way you did back then, it’s about being at your best when the stakes are highest and that’s what made this team so special.”

Obama, a consummate basketball fan, fills out NCAA brackets every year and called out the fact that he missed on this one. He had UConn losing to Notre Dame in the Final Four and Baylor winning the whole thing.

“I have to confess that my bracketology needs some work,” he said to laughter.

The team gave the president a signed basketball with the final score of the Louisville game --- 93 to 60.

“We owed you a basketball, because the last time we were here, Renee Montgomery stole yours,” Auriemma said. “We figured we’d bring you one back. You can use it on the court.”

They also gave him a national championship jacket.

Before posing for photos, Auriemma told the president he hopes UConn comes back for the rest of his administration.

We’re sure the scores of UConn women’s basketball fans do too.

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