Are Huskies Unbeatable?

Can the UConn Women be stopped?

They are good - 20-0 good. They already have beaten the current number 2, 6 and 10 teams in the country by a combined 86 points. The question remains - Who can beat them?

This might be the best talent on a women's basketball team in the past 10 years. They could have three All-Americans starting for them. Their best player is still a sophomore. They lost a starter to a season-ending knee injury and what does her replacement do? Go for 23 points. 

UConn's schedule sure is favorable for a 30-0 regular season. They still have home games against ranked opponent (number 17 Notre Dame) and two games left against fierce rival Rutgers. Their last regular season game is in Jersey and I am sure those girls and their great fans will have The RAC loud that night.

So what stands in their way of history? Frankly, themselves. Maybe overconfidence, but I doubt that. Geno does a fairly good job of tempering egos. 

The only team right now that seems to be able to beat UConn is UConn. They've faced the best and come out of it even better. Of course, I am sure the teams from Baylor and Duke might want a say in this. As far as I can tell, UConn's practice scrimmages are the best completion they'll face until the title game in St. Louis.

Many coaches will admit to wanting to lose a game before they go into the tournament. It brings the team back down to earth a bit and gets them re-focused. 

Last year, Memphis didn't have a loss entering the men's championship game and came out on the wrong end. I remember reading that Coach John Calipari had wished his team tasted defeat early on so they could learn from it. I'm sure Geno would never admit this during this great run, but it's got to be in the back of his mind.

UConn has a chance to be one of the great women's teams of all time. They could take their rightful place next to the 1994-95 team and the 2001-02 teams. There is still a lot of basketball yet to be played, but I think it is safe to say that the NCAA Women's Championship is UConn's to lose.

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