Wesleyan Men's Lacrosse Makes the Most of Shortened Season

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The Cardinals returned to the field for the first time in 398 days last weekend in a victory over Hamilton. Wesleyan is excited to be back, playing a shortened 4-game schedule this season.

With so much uncertainty heading into the season, the roster includes some Wesleyan football and hockey players, who played lacrosse in high school, to account for players who didn't stay on campus and can't compete in the spring season.

"It's definitely tough to get back into it because we had limited guys and limited competition," said senior Sean Penny.

"As a senior class, we're just trying to make the most of everything," added Wesleyan senior Ronan Jacoby. "You never know, even this year something could happen and the season could be done so when we get out there, [we're] just making the most of everything and enjoying the time with our buddies."

Even during a 4-game season, Wesleyan still has plenty to play for.

"There's still opportunities to do some great things," said head coach John Raba. "We can win a Little Three Championship, we can win the conference championship, we can win a state championship."

Wesleyan's game against Trinity was canceled on Saturday. The Cardinals are scheduled to host Tufts on Sunday, April 18, followed by Williams on April 24 and Hamilton on May 1.

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