Windsor Little League Honors Beloved Coach on Opening Day

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April 25 will always be known as Adrian Serrano Day in Windsor. The community came together on Saturday to remember the beloved coach, who passed away from Covid-19 in January. 

Serrano's family was joined by players and coaches who knew how much Adrian meant to the community. He shaped countless young lives and was well-known as a coach who cared deeply about every kid. Many in attendance wore shirts recoginzing Serrano as a "legend" and a banner hung behind home plate memoralizing Serrano as "forever an All-Star."

"Today is my 42nd birthday," said Adrian's wife, Taisha Serrano. "This is when we would have been twins until he turned a year older. I wasn't sure how I was going to celebrate the day without him, but he's given me this gift of his beautiful legacy."

"He loved people but especially children, everybody's children, not just his own," said Adrian's mother, Wanda Narvaez. "It gives me great strength to know that this town is full of wonderful, loving people. These people show up and I'm extremely grateful for that."

"He wanted every child to have the opportunity to play," said Windsor Little League president Stephanie Famiano. "His wife Taisha has just been a rock of strength these past couple of months."

Serrano's legacy will live on through the Coach A. Serrano Foundation, which aims to help families in need so that every kid has a chance to play. All little league uniforms also have his initials AS on the sleeve this season. 

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