Yale Lacrosse Parents Show Comradery With Photography

Yale lacrosse captain John Daniggelis won’t be the only one in his family with tough goodbyes when he graduates this year.

“You got a group of about 80 guys you've played with,” Daniggelis said on Senior Day earlier in April. “It's a really special bond, if I had to make the decision again, I'd make it 100 times."

His mom, Debbie Daniggelis will have to say goodbye to her team, too. "It's exciting, everyone looks forward to it. We all have a lot of fun beforehand. It's like comradery. We all want the boys to do well. We want the team to win and we have so much fun."

From the face off to the finish, it's a true family effort. The Daniggelis’ come from Long Island. Other parents come from California and Canada, but just like their boys, each one bringing a different set of skills.

Like Goaltender Jack Starr’s mom, Judy Holland. She’s one of a handful of parents stationed on the sidelines, taking photos.

"Sometimes my son comes back and he's like mom, you didn't shoot me in the goal and I’m like Jack, I have a lot of pictures of you already, but look what I got,” said Holland, who enjoys getting photos of some of the players who don’t see as much time on the field.

It's a team effort her son wasn't expecting.

"I did think I was going to college and that I would be a little bit away from home, but in the springtime it feels like I'm at home,” Starr said. “No maybe I didn't know to what degree but I'm glad to have them."

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