Yard Goats Plan Busy Promotional Schedule for June

The Hartford Yard Goats, the AA-affiliate of the Colorado Rockies, are planning a full promotional schedule for the month of June. Giveaways will include fidget spinners, a bobblehead, and salt and pepper shakers.

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The Yard Goats and Atlas put on fireworks at Dunkin' Donuts Park every Friday and Saturday night. "Fireworks is always its own promotion so I try not to do a giveaway on a night there is fireworks, " Yard Goats promotions manager Dana Feigenbaum said. "It's a great way to end the night. Atlas does a really good job with our fireworks. They coordinate the songs with the fireworks so it all coincides with each other. It's great cause it happens right here in the outfield after the game."
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NBC Connecticut
It's Sunday Family Fun Day. All kids 12 & under will have the opportunity to run the bases after the game.
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The first 1,800 fans can get salt & pepper shakers in the form of the team's favorite mascots, Chompers the Goat and Chew Chew the Goat.
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The salt and pepper shakers are for the first 1,800 fans.
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NBC Connecticut
The team is offering special 8 game plans during the summer. You can get a plan with all games on fireworks nights or the "Rivalry Package" against local rival teams (the Red Sox, Yankees and Mets).
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"I feel like Tuesdays are a somewhat quiet night so I wanted to make it more exciting, so I do baseball bingo on every Tuesday," Feigenbaum said. "It's really fun and gets kids to pay attention to the game." There are prizes for winners at the CT Fastrak Guest Services station.
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The team is planning to have blue and green spinners, each with the Yard Goats logo. "I see [kids around the ballpark] with generic ones so I think those will go really fast," Feigenbaum said. Feigenbaum expects the fidget spinners to be the most sought after promotion in June. The fidget spinners are for the first 1,000 kids 12 and under.
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"Later in the season we'll have a Chompers one, but it was just Chompers' birthday so we have to calm down for him," Feigenbaum said. "All the fame, it's time for Chew Chew to get some fame." The bobbleheads are for the first 2,000 fans age 14 and under.
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"We have the ZOOperstars!, which are a great entertainment act," Feigenbaum said. "They're really funny. I tried to do it on a Thursday later in the week so families could come out and let their kids stay out a little later."
Stars Night has its own logo. There will be Star Wars characters and everything that night is themed Star Wars. The other team, the Curve, may even have its own customized logo for the night.
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NBC Connecticut
For Father's Day, after the game, fans will have the opportunity to play catch on the field. All kids 12 & under will have the opportunity to run the bases after the game.nThe Yard Goats are selling a ticket package that includes 4 Connecticare Picnic Pavilion tickets, the chance for Dad to throw the first pitch, and a special video board message for Dad.
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You Can Play Night is a partnership with the You Can Play Project which "works to ensure the safety and inclusion of all in sports - including LGBTQ athletes, coaches and fans," according to the organization's website. The Yard Goats will be giving away rainbow-colored wristbands with the Yard Goats logo to the first 2,000 fans to celebrate inclusion.
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The shirts are available for the first 1,000 fans age 18 & older.
Note: Baseballs will not be exact ones shown above. Available for the first 1,800 fans.
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Available for the first 1,500 fans.
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