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30 Feet of Deer Carcasses Found on Property

Heads, skin and legs ... oh my!



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    Peter Hadlaw
    "They found what?"

    MIDDLETOWN, Md. -- Illegal dumping is a fact of life for many in parts of rural Maryland. But the recent pile of deer carcasses found dumped on one man's property was a bit much.


    Charles Dalton said someone piled up four to six deer heads, two complete bodies, 10 to 15 skins and at least 20 legs on his property in Frederick County, according to the Frederick News-Post.


    Dalton said the smell was terrible and wild animals were going to town on the rotting carcasses.


    So what do you do with all of that carnage? Call the county to come and remove it, of course. But Dalton wanted to make it easier for the workers to pick it up, so he laid out all the parts in a row. He told the paper that the parts stretched out to about 30 feet long.


    No word on who deposited the putrid parts on Dalton's land, but he said he has video surveillance on that part of his property and will review the tapes.