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Ax-Wielding Man Scared Off by Machete-Wielding Samaritan

Dispute sparked by body odor joke



    Ax-Wielding Man Scared Off by Machete-Wielding Samaritan
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    A man with an ax to grind was reportedly stopped in his tracks by a machete-wielding Samaritan.

    Turns out the machete is more fearsome than the ax.

    A homeless Florida man was arrested Monday for allegedly charging at a woman with an ax inside a homeless camping area.

    Ricky B. Griffis, 44, allegedly lost his cool at Tent City in southeast Gainesville when the woman made a joke about the way he smelled, The Gainesville Sun reported.

    Local police said Griffis ran after the woman as she was drying herself, but was scared off by another Tent City resident wielding a machete, the paper reported.

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    The chivalrous swordsman and the victim reportedly told Gainesville police Griffis had been in an “enraged mental state” for three days.

    He was hauled off to jail and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, the Sun reported.