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Luna's Life Spared, But She Must Move

Luna, a Siberian Husky, could be euthanized after killing chickens.



    The life of Luna, the Siberian Husky, has been spared, but she can no longer set her paws in Tolland. 

    A hearing was held at Rockville Superior Court on Thursday to determine whether Luna, the dog that twice killed chickens, would be euthanized and the judge ordered the town's animal control officer to withdraw the motion and release the dog into the custody of Richard Rosenthal, founder of the Lexus Project, the Journal Inquirer reports

    Luna first attack a chicken in June and animal control officer Tina Binheimer told Luna's owner, Paul Doyle, to fortify his invisible fence, which wasn't keeping his dog contained, the Hartford Courantreports. 

    Doyle told the Courant he never complied with that order because Luna would go "berserk" if he confined her. 

    Court to Decide if Dog Lives or Dies

    [HAR] Court to Decide if Dog Lives or Dies
    The future of a Siberian Husky who attacked the neighbor's chickens will be decided in court.
    (Published Thursday, Aug. 4, 2011)

    Days later, Luna escaped again and killed another chicken. That prompted Binheimer to order that Luna be put down no later than June 21. 

    After taking her to the vet however, Doyle decided to challenge the order to keep Luna alive.

    The story prompted Pennie Hodges, an owner of two Siberian Huskies, to start a "Save Luna from the Tolland CT Dog Pound" Facebook page. 

    That got the attention of the Lexus Project, a New York-based animal legal defense group, and Rosenthal took up Luna's case and sought a temporary restraining order against Binheimer. 

    The court ordered Rosenthal to pay $660 to Tolland for boarding fees and banned Luna from Tolland, but a family living in another part of Connecticut can adopt her, the Inquirer reports.