Cops Find Naked Suspect at Bottom of Port-a-Potty

He had allegedly caused a ruckus at a disc golf course by rolling in the mud and sitting in the disc goals

A Maine man found himself in deep doo-doo after allegedly going on a tear at a local disc golf course — before he was apprehended by cops.

That's because they found him in the bottom of a port-a-potty.

When police at Enman Disc Golf in Brunswick in response to complaints that a naked man had been rolling in the mud, overturning trash cans and sitting in the disc goals, the suspect was nowhere to be found, The Times Record reported.

For a while, a backpack full of clothes was all they could trace — until they spotted him in the bottom of the portable toilet, according to the Times Record.

The 29-year-old didn't respond to cops' commands, the deputy police chief said, but eventually cops fished him out, sprayed him down and cuffed him.

The man was taken into protective custody and hospitalized.

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