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Bhel Poori



    Bhel Poori Recipe

    (Published Monday, Jan. 23, 2017)

    This recipe serves four.


    • 16 oz Bhel Mix
    • 2 oz Chopped Red Onion
    • 2 oz Chopped Tomato
    • 1 oz Chopped Cilantro
    • 1 oz Chopped Mint
    • 2 oz Chopped Apple
    • Pinch. Chat Masala
    • 8 Oz Tamarind Date & Raisin Chutney
    • 2 Oz Mint and Cilantro Chutney
    • 2 Oz Thin Sev

    Cilantro Sprig for garnish


    • In a mixing bowl mix all the ingredients and toss and serve like a salad or as appetizer.

    Visit the India restaurant website here.

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