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Chakchouka (North African Poached Eggs)



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    Recipe Featured on Taste of Today on Sunday, June 27

    3 tbsp. olive oil
    1 tbsp. spanish paprika
    1 onion (medium), finely diced
    2 cloves garlic, minced
    1 red bell pepper (medium), finely diced
    2 hot cherry peppers, finely diced
    1 (28oz. can)  peeled, diced tomatoes
    6 eggs
    Salt & Pepper to taste/Chopped Parsley to garnish

    • Heat oil over medium flame in a deep skillet.  Add the paprika and cook, stirring, until a deep red color and pungent aroma develop.
    • Add onions, garlic, bell pepper and cherry pepper and sauté until softened.  Add Tomatoes and simmer and additional 5 minutes.  The sauce should be thick.  Adjust with salt and pepper.
    • With a spoon, make 6 indentations in the simmering sauce and carefully crack one egg into each indentation.  Cover and simmer approximately 6 minutes until the eggs are a medium doneness.
    • Garnish with chopped parsley and serve with Pita and Chopped Salad.