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Local Lemon Drop Martini and Herbed Scallops With Goat Cheese Recipes



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    Maggie McFly's shares its Local Lemon Drop Martini and Herbed Scallops with Goat Cheese recipes.

    Local Lemon Drop Martini

    Rim a martini glass with sugar
    In an ice filled shaker add the following:
    1 oz Rime Organic Vodka
    • (Westford Hill Distillers from Ashford, CT)
    2 oz RIPE Agave Lemon Sour Bar Juice
    • (RIPE Fresh Pressed Bar Juice from New Haven, CT)

    Shake well and serve

    Herbed Scallops With Goat Cheese – A Plow to Plate Special


    4 jumbo fresh sea scallops
    1 oz olive oil
    1/2 oz Dijon mustard
    Fresh thyme
    Fresh basil
    Fresh parsley
    2 oz white wine
    1 tbsp butter
    1 fresh lemon
    Salt and pepper to taste
    1-cup brown rice (optional side)
    Fresh asparagus
    4 oz goat cheese
    Scallions to garnish (optional)


    1. Chop thyme, basil, and parsley and combine in a bowl.
    2. Lightly season each scallop with salt and pepper before adding a small amount of Dijon mustard to each side.
    3. Roll each scallop in bowl of fresh mixed herbs until covered.
    4. Heat 6 cups of water in a pot and bring the water to boil for asparagus.
    5. While asparagus cooks heat a sauté pan with 1/2 ounce of olive oil on high for 1 minute.
    6. Add all 4 scallops into pan and cook for 2 minutes on each side.
    7. While scallops cook, add asparagus to the boiling water and cook for 2 minutes.
    8. Once scallops are done on one side top that side with goat cheese until goat cheese becomes golden brown. Then, remove the scallops and keep pan on low heat.
    9. Prepare brown rice, a baked potato or side of your choice at this time.
    10. Once scallops and asparagus are finished, begin to plate your dish with the scallops, asparagus, and side.
    11. In the same heated pan used to cook the scallops, add seared white wine, butter and fresh lemon juice, then heat for 1 minute. Top the scallops and asparagus with the sauce, and garnish with fresh scallions (optional). Enjoy!