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Oven Roasted Fries



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    Chris Prosperi, Metro Bis
    Make these oven roasted fries at home.

    This recipe make six to eight portions.


    • 2 pounds Yukon Gold potatoes
    • 1 Tbsp. kosher salt
    • ¼ cup olive oil
    • ¼ Tsp. cayenne
    • ½ Tsp. brown sugar


    • Wash the potatoes and place on a cutting board.
    • Cut the potatoes into ½-inch to ¾-inch fries and place them in a large mixing bowl.
    • Toss with the kosher salt, olive oil, cayenne and brown sugar.
    • Place onto two cookie sheets, in a single layer.
    • Place in to a pre-heated 450 degree oven.
    • Bake for 10 minutes and take a metal spatula and mix the fries.
    • Put them back into the oven for 15 more minutes or until brown and crispy.