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Pistachio/Goat Cheese Grapes



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    ½ lb. ‘Chevre’ Goat Cheese
    ½ lb. Cream Cheese
    40 Seedless Green Grapes, washed and dried
    ½ lb. Shelled Pistachios

    Pulse the Pistachios in a food processor until finely minced, being careful not to over-process.  Set aside.
    Combine the Goat Cheese and the Cream Cheese and mix well.  Chill the mixture.
    Wrap a small amount of cheese mixture around each grape and roll by hand to distribute evenly.  Lay out on a lined sheet pan and chill well.
    Just prior to serving, roll the grapes in the nut powder and shape a bit further by hand.  Do not refrigerate once they have been rolled out.
    Arrange the grapes on a plate or platter in the shape of a natural bunch of grapes.

    Use any soft, sharp cheese for the Goat Cheese, such as Gorgonzola or Stilton.
    Use Red or Black Grapes and substitute toasted Black Sesame Seeds for the Pistachios.