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Sorbet of Mascarpone Cheese and Summer Berries



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    Summer treat to top your sorbet.

    • ¾ Cup Sugar
    • ¾ Cup Water
    • 1 Lb. Mascarpone Cheese-softened
    • ¼ Cup Fresh Lemon Juice
    • 1 Pt. Fresh Summer Berries-washed

    Combine sugar and water in pot, bring to a near boil just to dissolve sugar. Chill fully. In bowl, mix the cheese with a beater briefly just until softened and lightened. Gradually add the chilled sugar and water mixture, and lemon juice until smooth. Chill this mixture thoroughly.

    Pour mixture into an ice cream/sorbet maker and churn according to manufacturers directions. Transfer mixture into small containers leaving no air in mix, cover and freeze fully. Serve with spoonfuls of fresh summer berries. Serves four.