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"You Could Make a Living Doing This"




    Choosing a favorite teacher is a tall task. I had so many great teachers growing up. From elementary school in Westbrook to middle and high school in Old Saybrook the list would be long.

    But when I reflected to how my life "turned out" the decision was obvious. It was Mr. Hargrove, known to his colleagues and friends as "Ted."

    I took his class at a time I was contemplating dropping out of college and becoming a secretary. After high school I went off to Florida State University and had no idea what I would choose as a major. I thought perhaps business like everyone else.

    Lisa Carberg's Favorite Teacher

    [HAR] Lisa Carberg's Favorite Teacher
    Lisa Carbergs Favorite Teacher
    (Published Thursday, Sept. 30, 2010)

    I decided to transfer to Suffolk University in Boston where class sizes were small, which is what I was used in Old Saybrook. I missed a deadline to transfer immediately and moved back to Connecticut when I decided to take some classes at Mitchell College in New London.

    I took Journalism as a fun elective because I always loved to write. Mr. Hargrove was my professor for that class. We wrote articles for the school newspaper and I found myself really enjoying it. It was what Mr. Hargrove told me that changed things. It was many years ago, but I remember it clearly. He said "You know you can make a living doing this". I had never even considered writing for a living!

    My grades soared and I went on to graduate from Suffolk University with a degree in Communications and Journalism. Everything I learned prepared me for my career in television news. I have covered many stories throughout my career and the basics Mr. Hargrove taught me are used daily.