About the “Connecticut 2020” Series

As the calendar pages turn into 2010, we look back, as we often do, at the events and people that shaped our world.  But we're also looking ahead -- way ahead, in fact -- to Connecticut in the year 2020. 

We've put together a series of special reports on what the experts predict Connecticut will be like in 10 years. 

We will explore a variety of topics including transportation, education, population, media and the economic outlook for our state.  We will try to determine what kind of cars will we be driving, who will be living here, what our children will be learning, how we'll get our news and where the jobs will be. 

Many people we talk to for these stories agree on one thing: How we deal with these issues today will have a tremendous impact on Connecticut in the year 2020. 

Our communities, families, schools, jobs and our future depends on it.


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