Bob Maxon Does 34 Pushups

If you tune in to NBC Connecticut for our morning broadcast, you know that Meteorologist Bob Maxon works hard to inform you about the weather, while making it fun for early-morning viewers.

On Thursday morning, he took it to a new, impressive and athletic level when he did 34 pushups on-air.

He did one pushup for every day the temperature exceeded 90 degrees during the "warm weather season," which runs from mid April through September.

On Thursday morning, he made good on a pledge he made to viewers on Sept. 2.

By that morning, we’d already had 33 days of weather hitting 90 degrees or above. Should we have more before the end of the month, Bob said he’d do one pushup for each day exceeding 90.

At 3:10 p.m. on Wednesday, the thermometer again hit 90 – making it 34 days.

So, he did 34 pushups, giving a first-hand look at Bob’s physical fitness and his commitment to keeping promises to loyal viewers.

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