Enjoy Outdoor Activities Safely

Simple steps to stay safe during your summertime activities

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The summer months in Connecticut bring people outside, and many often forget to take precautions that can help make their outdoor activities more enjoyable.

In excessive heat, wear lightweight, light-colored clothing, according to the Norwalk Office of Emergency Management. Wearing a hat or using an umbrella to keep the sun off you is also a good idea, officials said.

Sunburn can make it more difficult for your body to lose heat, so wear sunscreen, according to health officials.

Many people become dehydrated before they are even aware there is a problem. Health experts suggest staying hydrated by carrying water or juice with you, and drink continuously. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, which dehydrate the body.

Mosquitoes and ticks are known to carry and spread diseases. There is an array of products designed to keep them away, including sprays and special candles.

If you're hiking, make sure your cell phone is charged before you hit the trail, according to safety experts.Keep your cell phone charged! If you get lost, you may need it to contact authorities. If you have a smart phone, most are equipped with GPS technology that could help you get back on track.

Wearing the correct size and the correct shoe for your outdoor activity is crucial, according to Mike Disibio, owner of New Balance in South Windsor.

There should be space between the end of the shoe and your toes, and the shoe should be wide enough for your foot, Disibio said. Also, make sure the ball of the shoe has a reinforced base. Arch support and foot cushioning is a common need that is easily fixed.

“It’s important to be fitted by someone who’s a professional. Footwear is part of the equipment for your sport. This should be treated the same as any other gear,” Disibio said.

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