Hotlines Set Up For Explosion Victims

Several services and hotlines have been set up to help people move forward in the wake of the explosion at the Kleen Energy Systems Plant in Middletown that killed five.

The city is coordinating efforts for any residents who might have structural damage to their home or work locations and the contractor O&G is asking claims to be forwarded to their carrier; Old Republic Insurance: 1-888-310-9542.

Multiple crisis hotlines have also been established. The city is offering the services of their employee assistance contractor for families: The Lexington Group: 1-800-571-0197.

Local Pipefitters 777 is also providing a crisis hotline for their employers. That number is 1-888-545-5101.

The Salvation Army will provide a crisis counselor to be located at City Hall on deKoven Drive on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Families may come to the Mayor's Office for assistance.

A victims' family fund has been established through the Mayor's Office.

Donations can be made to:

Families of Kleen Energy

c/o MiddConn Federal Credit Union

213 Court Street

Middletown, CT 06457

Donations can be sent directly to the credit union or through the Mayor's Office.  By phone: 860-344-3401.

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