Pureé of Mushroom Soup With White Beans and Parmesan

2 tbsp.  Butter
1 cup  Onions-diced
½ cup  Celery-diced
½ lb.  Fresh Mushrooms-washed, dried, sliced
1 tbsp.  Garlic-minced
1 cup  Canned White Beans-drained 
2 ½ cups  Chicken or Vegetable Stock-low sodium
¼ cup Parmesan Cheese-freshly grated
   Salt and Pepper To Taste

  • · Heat heavy bottom pan over medium heat, add butter, onions, celery and cook for about 3 minutes until soft and sweet smelling, but not browned.
  • · Add  the mushrooms and cook  until mushrooms are tender and water is evaporated. Add garlic and cook for 30 seconds. Add white beans, and chicken stock to cover vegetables, cover, and simmer for about 25 minutes until beans are tender. Stir occasionally. Less time is required if using canned beans.
  • · Pureé soup in blender or by using a hand blender to desired consistency. Strain soup if desired. Return to pot  and whisk in the parmesan and season to taste with salt and pepper. If soup is too thick for you, stir in a little chicken stock or water. If soup is too thin for you, simmer for a while to evaporate excess liquid. Serve in warmed soup bowls. Garnish with sauteéd mushroom slices, and Parmesan.
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