Summer Fun on A Motorcycle

More and more people are riding motorcycles as a summer pastime in Connecticut

With blue skies and plenty of scenery, motorcycle riding is a favorite summer pastime in Connecticut.

Before you rev the engine, here are some helpful tips from Rob Ruggiero, owner of Speed Demon Cycles in Bloomfield.

Always stagger your positions when riding in groups, and keep a gap between bikes. This is advised so you won't hit a fellow rider in case you have to swerve, Ruggiero suggested. Also, make sure that the motorcycle behind you has a clear line of sight.

Riders always need the correct gear. Helmets, gloves, boots and jackets are recommended, though not required by Connecticut state law, according to Ruggiero.

As for safety, a key mistake riders make is that they forget to check their tire pressure before riding. It is crucial to the longevity of the tires, and the safety of the rider and passenger.

“As a motorcycle professional, do not neglect your motorcycle. You only have two wheels, and you’re exposed. Definitely pay attention to maintenance,” said Ruggiero.

A passenger on a motorcycle can be another set of eyes, according to Ruggiero. Drivers need to be defensive while riding, and passengers can help look for potential hazards.

Motorcycle riding is no longer a male-dominated hobby. Women are the fastest growing demographic in the motorcycle industry, Ruggiero said.

“Enjoy Connecticut’s scenery. You can hit the hills, mountains, and shoreline all in one day,” said Ruggiero.

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