Herbs De Provence Chicken Thighs

4-5 tablespoons olive oil, divided
2 pounds chicken thighs (or a combination of thighs and legs)
1 tablespoon sea salt
1 teaspoon sea salt
3 teaspoons herbs de provence
2-3 sweet potatoes, peeled and chopped
1 tablespoon unsalted butter
1 teaspoon arrowroot powder
3/4 cup chicken broth or white wine
1 lemon sliced

Preheat oven to 425°F.
On a large platter drizzle chicken with about 2 tablespoons olive oil. Season with salt, pepper then evenly and generously coat each piece of chicken with herbs de provence.
Heat your cast iron pan with 2 tablespoons of olive oil over medium high heat. Once the oil is hot add chicken skin side up and let cook for 3 minutes. You may need to do this in batches.
Place cast iron pan in the oven (uncovered) and roast for 30 minutes.
Meanwhile line a roasting pan with foil and add sweet potatoes; drizzle with olive oil then season with salt and pepper; roast for 30 minutes.
Take chicken out of the oven; remove from pan and tent on a platter with foil. Remove some of the fat from the pan and heat over medium heat. Add in butter and arrowroot powder; continue to stir with a wooden spoon until butter is melted. Add in chicken broth. Once it comes to a simmer lower temperature and add chicken back in the pan and add in lemon slices. Let simmer for 3 minutes then ready to serve.

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