Jerk Pulled Pork Tacos with Tomatillo Ginger Guacamole with Mango and California Avocado

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Jerk Pulled Pork Tacos with Tomatillo Ginger Guacamole with Mango and California Avocado
For the guacamole:
1 large california avocado, cubed
4oz. fresh ginger, diced
4oz. diced mango
6oz. fresh diced green tomatillo
2oz. fesh diced red onion
2oz. fresh diced cilantro
2oz. fresh garlic
2oz. StoneWall California Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For the jerk pulled pork:
10oz. pulled pork
4oz. Stonewall Kitchen jerk sauce

Very simple dish to create! No need to make things complicated at all. The real work is in the preparation with chopping, dicing and measuring. You want the cubes of avocado to be a nice size, not too big or small. The ginger, garlic and onion should be diced small enough to mix in with every bite. However, once this is done, simply combine the ingredients in a mixing bowl.

In this recipe I use fresh diced cilantro, however you may also choose to use something called Recaíto(pronounced: reh-kai-ee-toh) is a mix of onions, garlic, ajícitos, green cubanelle peppers and cilantro. Some islands and cultures add one or two indigenous items to the mix but this is reliably the core of recaíto. Ajícito is the same as “aji dulce” literally translates to“spanish sweet pepper” and can be found growing all over the caribbean in different varieties but is very popular in Venezuela as a cousin of the habañero but much milder in intensity.
Add just enough of the olive oil to coat the ingredients, don’t drown them.

For the jerk pulled pork all you really need is some tender top ground pork shoulder that has been roasted slowly to perfection. You really want the meat to fall off the bone. Keep the seasoning on the pork light. You really want all of the flavor to come from the jerk sauce that you will toss the meat in later. For now just stick with a bit of salt and pepper. Now, with your hands shred the pork up nicely and add Stonewall Kitchen jerk sauce. I like to put the jerk sauce right into the pan with some warm pulled pork and toss it around thoroughly.

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